The Opus, Dubai

Yet another landmark project in Dubai for Kersten

Designed by the renowned design studio of Zaha Hadid, OPUS is located in a prestigious location in Dubai's Burj Khalifa district. The structure combines art and performance with form and functionality. It comprises five floors of retail shops, 18 floors of office space and a top floor with a sun deck, swimming pool, shaded terrace, media zone and gym.


The OPUS is a cube-like building with a distinctive free-form void called the void.
The idea of the void was to create curves and openings with views of the city and nearby structures. The void is composed of a 3D curved frame fully clad in tinted glass. The curved façade gives the building a sophisticated, modern look and offers an eye-catching view while helping to reduce solar heat gain inside the building.


Kersten was asked to supply the bent tube construction for the 'void' of the OPUS. Kersten took care of the entire process; from straight tubes to ready-made 3D bent segments in both steel and aluminium. Very advanced engineering and modern bending techniques were used to bend the tubes into exactly the right radii so that they fit together seamlessly.

A total of 6,000 metres of tube were processed in the 'void'. It is a highly complex job involving bending 2,500 tube segments (Ø139.7 and Ø244 mm) into multiple radii, each in a unique bent shape and cut to size with a 3D contour.

Yet another landmark project in Dubai for Kersten