At Kersten we value our corporate social responsibility 

For us, corporate social responsibility goes beyond paying attention to sustainability and safety.

We invest in our employees, in their personal development and in a pleasant and safe working environment. In doing so, we apply high ethical standards and values. These are set out in our code of conduct.

We aim for valuable cooperation with our customers, partners and suppliers. We do this by proactively thinking along on design, use of materials, nesting, production and transport. We are constantly looking for new solutions that are both innovative and sustainable.

With our products and services, we also contribute to achieving the sustainability objectives of our customers and their clients. We supply bent parts and components for offshore energy applications, sustainable mobility solutions, hydro-power applications, etc.


Internal Code of Conduct:

Suppliers Code of Conduct:

Compliance with the Code of Conduct is of great importance. Therefore, violations of our Code of Conduct should be reported immediately.

Any inappropriate or illegal activity can be reported through our whistleblower hotline. This can be done anonymously and confidentially unless you wish otherwise. Completed forms are not traced to any person and are completely anonymous. However, we encourage you to provide as much information as possible to speed up and facilitate further investigation.

Whistleblower form

If the Code of Conduct does not answer your question or concern, please contact management, your supervisor or HR manager, or report your issue or concern using the whistleblower form below. This form can be completed anonymously.

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Please take the time to fill out the above in as much detail as possible, but be sure not to give any details that might reveal your identity unless you wish to do so. It could be important if you are the only person who knows about this situation.

Before submitting the form:
  • Be sure to include facts and specific details to support your allegation, attach documents if possible.
  • It is important to describe the allegation with sufficient detail by including the names of those involved, details of what happened and the location so that we can adequately address the issue.