Core values

At Kersten, we have a passion for challenges and are driven by excellence.

Our core values represent who we are and what we believe in. They give direction to our vision and contribute to our amibitions.


There is a reason we’ve been playing in the highest league for more than 60 years.
Call it skill, experience or whatever you want.
We call it a solid foundation on which we are building a flourishing future.


By working together, we multiply our success. We find it important that each person and each party can be the best in their field to enable the optimal outcome for everyone.


Our projects, clients, partners, co-workers and equipment have one thing in common: They’re defined by excellence. We don’t just want to achieve high standards; we’re raising the bar one inch at a time.


We like to surround ourselves with creative, inspirational minds, with people who see possibilities first, and think of ways to realise them second.