Our story

Since the very beginning..
.. our universe has been defined by the laws of physics.
Bound by curved trajectories. Orbiting around what attracts us.

We are Kersten

An internationally operating company specialised in metal bending.
We embrace the idea that we all are connected in this way.
On a mission to explore the possibilities in bending steel and aluminium
We like to take things one step further.

We want to create what seems impossible.
By turning the ordinary into the extraordinary.
By making statements. Functional and aesthetic ones.
As part of prestigious projects all over the globe.

It's not just bending metal; we're shaping the future.

Like constructions and facades for the tallest skyscrapers.
Vessels and tubes for heavy-duty industries.
Lightweight frameworks for new ways of transportation.
And components for hi-tech medical equipment.
Our technology, skill and partnerships bring strength to structures.
Elegance to buildings. Efficiency to machinery.
And sustainability to anything that is built to last.

We truly love the versatility of curves, circles and arcs.
The science behind radii, circumferences and tangents.
But above all, what a perfectly executed bend can bring
to make your product really something else.

That’s why our specialists at Kersten do so much more than just bending.
We help clients engineer optimum manufacturability.
To weld any bent object into a construction.
And we offer the latest in surface treatments.

Kersten, the future is curved