Red Sea Global - Sheybarah Watervillas

A brand new tourist destination along the west coast of Saudi Arabia.

Important part Red Sea Global project are the 'floating' water villas designed by Killa Design. The drop-shaped units are extremely luxurious and offer tourists the exclusive holiday experience. The quality is very high and high standards are set for the finishing of the villas.

Curved sliding door systems

On behalf of our client Glassline Abu Dhabi, Kersten was commissioned to supply the curved aluminium sliding door profiles for the one-, two-, three- and four-bedroom water villas.
The order was very complex and challenging and tolerances were minimal. The scope includes bending various aluminium profiles, including a bi-rail 140x58mm and mono-rail 64x58 that have up to two thermal breaks. Our client provides on-site installation of these aluminium sliding door systems.

High standards are set for the finishing of the villas