Kerstin, Production worker

Kerstin has worked in production at Kersten Steißlingen for a long time. She trained as a culinary chef, but starting her own restaurant could not be combined with starting a family. Her husband has been working with Kersten as a bending machine operator since 1990 and she became enthusiastic about his stories and decided to apply for a job with Kersten as well.

She started working for Kersten in 1997 and worked part-time as an operator. In between she worked somewhere else for a while, cleaning buildings. She returned to Kersten in 2008.

The first woman in production

"I was the first woman in production," Kerstin says with a smile. “I had to get used to it in the beginning, but I was warmly welcomed. I got to know the bending technology, machining and grinding of aluminium products". Kerstin enjoys her work and is proud that she can work completely independently. "I do the assembly of brackets and handles of machines, I mount the strips and clean everything after anodising. I carry out checks and pack the products according to the instructions," she explains.

Assembling machine parts

Kerstin has worked with many different products, but what she enjoys most is assembling serial brackets for large industrial machinery for milling, turning and sawing. "I assemble the different curved parts and add an LED strip. All our customer has to do is install it. The strip indicates the status of the machine".

You have to experience it yourself

"You won't be able to work as independently and flexibly at every company as you do at Kersten. You'll have to experience whether this way of working suits you. It works very well for me. At Kersten we have a great team that is there for each other and helps out with questions and problems. I think that’s important”.

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