5-axis machining

Complex 5-axis machining of bent and straight aluminium profiles

For the most complex milling operations, Kersten has an extensive range of CNC machining centers in which aluminium profiles with very diverse and large cross-sections are machined in 5-axis in a single setup.

This process is efficient and highly accurate and is particularly interesting for small to medium series of up to several hundred products.


Our 5-axis machining centers have a capacity of:

  • X-axis (length) - 4800mm
  • Y-axis (width) - 3000mm
  • Z-axis (height) - 1200mm

Advantages of 5-axis machining

  • Fast and efficient process
  • Complex (3D) cut-outs
  • Precise tolerances
  • For both curved and straight aluminium profiles

Other services

  • Material procurement
  • Engineering
  • Project management
  • Bending, welding, assembly, heat and surface treatment, 3D measuring

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Facade construction: For constructions with curved facades, curtain wall profiles and cover caps are curved and fitted with small holes for mounting and ravelings at the end of curved curtain wall profiles so that the rails and studs connect neatly at the same level. We also make holes or cut-outs in project-specific extrusion profiles so that they can be easily assembled and fitted into the façade construction. 

Mobility/train construction: Within the mobility sector, many curved aluminium profiles with cut-outs and welding edge preparations are used. These, too, are milled on our 5-axis machining centres. 
For example, the curved pillars of the so-called carbodies for subways. The curved parts with weld edge preparation can be assembled and welded directly into the train set.
Naturally, other industries also benefit from 5-axis machining of curved aluminium profiles; including mechanical engineering, medical industry and architecture.

Curved modules: Besides bent and milled profiles, Kersten produces complete modules that are delivered ready to install. In addition to bending and 5-axis milling, we also provide engineering, welding, cutting to size, heat treatments, surface treatments, assembly and mounting.