Working together for a greener world

At Kersten, we are constantly working on making our production processes more efficient and sustainable. In addition, we contribute to the sustainability goals of our clients by manufacturing components and substructures for applications that make the world greener.

Think of the components we produce for:

  • Offshore Wind: We supply crucial components necessary for the realization of offshore wind farms, a significant source of renewable energy.
  • E-mobility: Our manufactured parts contribute to the rise of electric mobility, resulting in reduced emissions and cleaner cities.
  • Hydropower Plants: We play a role in the development of hydropower projects, providing sustainable energy through the force of flowing water.
  • Sustainable Architecture: Our involvement in producing parts for sustainable architecture underscores our commitment to environmentally friendly construction practices.

With a strong focus on these sectors, we are not only contributing to the green revolution but also consistently challenging ourselves to find even more sustainable solutions. Our ongoing efforts in efficiency and sustainability form the core of our mission at Kersten.

Challenging cases