Offshore Wind

Turbine foundation constructions

When it comes to offshore renewable energy, Kersten has been around from the very beginning. From the very first offshore wind turbine, Kersten has been supplying curved sub-constructions for offshore foundations.

One example is J-tube constructions. J-tubes support and protect cables between the bottom of the sea and the upper part of the offshore wind foundation, where they are connected to the substation or offshore wind turbine. J-tubes provide the protection needed for the cables and are an essential part of any offshore wind foundation structure. The product consists of steel tubes that are bent into the required J- or S-shape to form the full length of a J-tube.

Kersten has a strong track record in manufacturing and supplying sub-assemblies and components for offshore wind turbine foundation structures. We have successfully supplied these for several offshore wind projects in the North Sea, Baltic Sea, Irish Sea, Atlantic Ocean.

There are high requirements for welding these offshore components in terms of qualification of staff and production processes. At Kersten, we can meet all the requirements of commonly used offshore standards such as EN1090 (Exc.4), EN-ISO 3834-2, DIN18.800, Norsok, ASME, EN15614-1, EMUA, DNV, etc. All welds are inspected by third parties. Depending on requirements, visually inspected, magnetically tested, ultrasonically tested and X-ray tested.

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Kersten has been a reliable supplier of curved offshore constructions since the very beginning