HE-PowerGreen is an innovative start-up in high-tech energy regeneration systems.

HE-PowerGreen has developed a special system to generate electricity from the flow of water running through canals, the HYDRO-MOD turbine, which combines reliability, minimal environmental impact and lower costs.

The principle

To generate power from the water flow of the canal, hydro-kinetic turbines, which are like wind turbines, are used and hung in the canal. The turbines are designed for the small-scale power generation market (mini-hydro) as modular elements with a rated power of 5-10 kW each.
The installation can be easily adapted to different types of canals or natural waterways, simply by adjusting the number and the size of turbines.

Curved turbine blades

Kersten produced the curved blades of the rotor turbine. Special drop-shaped profiles in aluminium alloy were bent in a curve with an very small internal radius. Because of the a-symmetrical cross-section of the profiles, their small size and small radius, the profiles were bent with core-bending technology. This involves pulling the profile around a radius template. The advantage of this bending technique is that the cross-section deforms only minimally and very small radii can be achieved. The surface of the profile also remains in very good condition.

In special 5-axis machining centres, the bent profiles were provided with drill holes and the overlength was removed. Controlled heat treatment brought the profiles from hardness state T4 to T6.


The pilot project was developed along the Biffis canal in the Province of Trento, in Italy. This canal is 47 kilometres long and is connected to the Adige River. After the pilot's success, the potential is huge. There are countless canals and waterways in Italy, in Europe and around the world. They can produce a significant amount of electricity.

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