Curved components in durable conveyor systems

Optimizing logistics flows with curved components

Automation in logistics is becoming increasingly important. Manufacturers of are constantly optimizing their production processes. With intelligent conveyor systems for moving and sorting goods, production processes in distribution centers and production environments are optimized and operations can be carried out more efficiently. 

Curved components are an integral part to the effortless transport and sorting of goods and parcels. They ensure the smooth transfer of products between straight sections of the conveyor and have the flexibility to make bends of different degrees with or without a height difference with ease.

Kersten manufactures curved conveyor system parts that are delivered ready to install. Our work includes the bending of aluminum extrusion profiles, machining of bent parts, heat and surface treatment and assembly into ready-to-assemble sub-assemblies. Here, the client's specifications are adhered to so that they can be seamlessly integrated into the system upon installation.

The end result contributes to the sustainability and efficiency of material handling systems and a better supply chain.



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