Armada Festival tent

The impressive Armada tent is Donselaar's showpiece.

The Armada has a sturdy aluminium construction with PVC stretched tightly over it. The tent is available in 30 or 40 metres width, has a ridge height of 12.4 metres and a length of 30-70 metres (extendable by 5 metres).
The tent is designed so that no additional poles are required to support the structure. The free span makes the Armada tent extremely suitable for festivals and events.

Kersten supplied the curved parts of the aluminium construction. Aluminium tent profiles (340 x 154 x 6 mm) were bent into a soft T4 shape for this purpose. The profiles were rolled in a 65° bend with an internal radius of 7,000 mm. The ends consist of straight sections that have been cut to size (600 and 1,200 mm respectively). The profiles were then annealed and anodised.

Images profiles: Kersten
Images tent: Donselaar Tents