Daniel, Trainee construction worker

With his brother already working at Kersten as a bending machine operator, Daniel was already familiar with Kersten and decided to go to work there as well.

Initially, he wanted to become an industrial mechanic, but after a trial period he decided to change and follow a course to become an engineer. He is now in his 3rd year and about to take his exams.

Gaining experience

"As an apprentice at Kersten they let you watch and work in different departments, so in the past three years I've gained a lot of experience and learned about different techniques," says Daniel. He also joined the technical department where he carried out maintenance and repairs on machines. "That was really interesting and I really enjoyed doing it," says Daniel. I learned how to drill, cut, and bend.

Plans for the future

Daniel currently works in the bending department. "The work in roll bending is interesting and I really enjoy it. I have great colleagues and work on beautiful projects and products. I enjoy going to work and this is partly due to the friendly team and the variety of work. Unlike other companies, we also have a certain amount of freedom and independence," adds Daniel. He can also envisage staying on with Kersten after this traineeship to get his next degree.

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