Timo, Machining operator

Timo has only been working as a CNC machining operator at Kersten for six months. He works in the mechanical machining department.

New challenges

"I have always worked as a machining operator, I can read machines and I have always programmed manually which I really liked, but still... I was always missing something," says Timo.
"Through my second passion, Muay Thai boxing, I met Alexander Seekircher. We started talking and I heard that he worked at Kersten and that they were looking for a colleague in the field of CAD/CAM programming. That was exactly what I was missing and always wanted to learn. So two months later I started at Kersten in Germany."

Future at Kersten

"In the past few months, I have learned a lot about CAD/CAM programming and I'm looking forward to learning even more. I want to develop my skills through training and education so that we can tackle new challenges in a solution-focused way. At Kersten, you keep on learning and every project has its own specifications and challenges. The more and the faster I learn, the more I can share my knowledge and experience with new employees. The big plus at Kersten, why I made this switch, is the CAD/CAM programming."

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