Rebaz, Stretch bending operator

Rebaz has been working for Kersten for 10 years. He is operating our stretch bending machine in Kersten Germany.

Rebaz started out as a holiday employee at Kersten, but liked the work and the company so much that he decided to take a course to become a construction mechanic.

Every project is unique

"Although I have been working at Kersten for 10 years, the work brings new challenges every day. That is because no two projects are the same. Every project is unique and special in its own way. Moreover, I work on a unique machine with a very special bending technique that not many companies master. My many years of experience mean that I know the machine and the bending process inside out. That is what I like about it so much. And I like to share my experience with new employees, so that one day they will master this technique as well as I do".

Challenging projects

"I prefer to work on projects that seem almost impossible. For example, a very complex aluminium profile with thermal break that has to be bent in a very small radius with small tolerances. Or, for example, a recent project in which very large complex profiles had to be bent into a 3D shape. I then search for a solution and develop my own tools. 
It gives me a lot of satisfaction when this succeeds and the profiles are bent perfectly and the client is satisfied."

You never stop learning

In the stretch-bending and construction team, we interact in a nice, informal way. We are always happy to welcome new colleagues. We respect each other, each other's opinions, each other's work and each other's experience. The work is always varied and you always continue to learn at Kersten.

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