Mendekim, Operator Profile rolling machine

Mendekim only recently started working for Kersten Germany. He works as an operator in the profile rolling team. 

A good feeling

"Because of the working hours at my previous employer, I had little time for my little daughter. I didn't like that and that's why I started looking for something else." says Mendekim. "When I was hired by Kersten, it gave me a great feeling. Even though I have only been here a short time, I really enjoy the work. I can develop myself on a personal level and get to know new techniques. When I started here, I was assigned a supervisor who taught me everything. Now I can put that knowledge into practice myself". 

Ideas are listened to 

"At Kersten I have much more flexibility and I work more independently than I ever did at other companies. My input is also appreciated and my ideas are listened to. That's great and I can tell from everything that this way of working suits me. I don't only notice this at work, but in my private life it also seems to bring everything together in the right way."

Finally time for the family

Due to the intensive cooperation, Mendekin and his supervisor are a well-coordinated team. "I am absolutely grateful to Alex for this opportunity at Kersten. Thanks to the shiftwork model, I finally have time for my family, I can have fun after work and still get something out of my day," says Mendekim. He advises every new colleague at Kersten to write everything down, especially in the beginning. "Ask experienced colleagues as many questions as possible in the beginning. They like to share their knowledge and that way you can master the technique in a short time". 

Mendekim is so enthusiastic about his work that he has told his friends about Kersten and has recommended a new colleague who now also works for Kersten.

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