Fabian, Production engineer

Fabian had already become acquainted with Kersten as a trainee before he joined Kersten after completing his mechanical engineering studies. He works as a Production Engineer in the Projects&Engineering department.

"In the beginning, I did a lot of regular work, working out incoming orders in HiCad for production. But sitting in front of the computer all day is not my thing. Now I do more and more project-based work. That is fun and versatile. I go through the whole process, from request to delivery. I am the link between sales and production".

Intensive and informative

"There is a lot involved in project management. When I receive a new project, I first organise a pre-production meeting with sales and production. We go through the assignment and discuss the entire project. I then talk to the customer about any uncertainties and together we look for a solution. We also establish the production and delivery sequence. During production, I am in close contact with planning, the work floor, sales and the customer. It is intensive but very instructive".

Plenty of opportunities

"I don't yet know exactly where my ambitions lie. I like working at Kersten. It's nice having contact with colleagues and it's a great place to work. Like other colleagues, I might want to take an extra course or training in the future. Kersten offers plenty of opportunities to do so".

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