Arvid, Trainee machining operator

After secondary school Arvid started his training at Kersten in Germany. He is training to be a machine operator.

Through friends he heard that Kersten offered internships. After a trial period, Arvid was hired at Kersten and he is now in his second year of training with us.

Personal responsibility

"It's not just learning", says Arvid, "it's much more than that. I learn the theoretical part at school, but what I learn at Kersten is very practical. I notice that certain theory is much clearer and easier to understand when you are involved in the practical process yourself". At Kersten I also have a certain responsibility", continues Arvid. "By means of milling and machining, we produce tools for all production processes at Kersten. From the 2nd year onwards, we also support the first-year trainees".


What Arvid is particularly proud of are the first tools he has made. "It gives you a good feeling when you know that you've done a good job. The tools I have made enable us as a team to make products with the quality our customers expect from us," says Arvid. 

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