12 | 09 | 2022

Dutch National Steel Award 2022

For the fourth time in a row, Kersten is sponsoring the Dutch National Steel Award.

The National Steel Award has existed since 1971 and is awarded every two years. There are five categories: Non-residential construction, Industrial construction, Residential construction, Infrastructure and characteristic steel construction components. In addition, a trophy is awarded for the National Sustainability Award for Steel.

The trophy that the winners of the National Steel Award 2022 receive is designed and made by Kersten, for the fourth time in a row. The design is inspired by a DNA structure, two strands twisted around each other in a double helix. The thin, curved tubes that take on a different form from different perspectives is a versatile 'macromolecule'.

Kersten, who is familiar with the deformation and processing of metals, wanted to harmonise this identity in a sculpture using steel as the basic building material. A clear signature with a sustainable hint through the use of residual material.

More information about the National Steel Award

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